Achandasha is the Goddess of the Night Sky, responsible for the unusually marvelous night sky that graces Creation. It was at her command that several wise mortals were brought to Achandasha's Isle, where they formed a nocturnal community of guardians and sentries. However, in recent years it appears Achandasha has deemed Creation far too dangerous, fleeing with her closest followers into the night sky.

History[edit | edit source]

Achandasha arrived in Creation shortly after Tai boiled away the primordial ocean, serving as the harbinger of night in contrast to Tai's light. Achandasha quickly set about making the heavens beautiful, creating massive spheres representing various elements and climates to be viewed from Creation. While residing in the heavens for the entirety of her existence, Achandasha did raise an isle in the southern seas to serve as a home for her followers. Similar to Nyubar, Achandasha sought to bring the best and brightest mortals to her chosen location, turning the isle into a place of art and splendor.

Somewhere beneath her isle, Achandasha hid a crystal, which would allow those who came into contact with it to establish a direct link with the Goddess of Night. It is unknown if anyone managed to achieve this link, although it is unlikely due to the ceaseless watch of her sentinels. Joining her human followers were the Achandaki, humanoid beings of light and shadow, reminiscent of the night sky itself. The achandaki assisted in combating the influences of Rula, who had begun to taint the night with terror.

Achandasha, together with Tai, introduced the Dream Star to Creation, and with it, celestial magic. Around the Dream Star, the Celestial Citadel was constructed. The Celestial Citadel and the area around it become a beacon of light and hope in an increasingly violent and dark continent.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

With the arrival of Nital in Creation, Achandasha deemed the situation too dire to allow her dearest followers to be exposed to such evil, and so she brought her isle to the heavens. This abrupt departure was met with panic and dismay at the Celestial Citadel, which became even more isolated in the western corner of the world.

However, Achandasha has not completely abandoned Creation to ruin. When Sorna assaulted the minds of Nyubar and Statute, Achandasha intervened with her celestial host and personally tended to both afflicted gods.

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