Following the victory of Nital and the stabilizing of the Amaranthine Empire by his children, Statute believe that is was time for the Amaranthine people to transition to a new form of governance. No longer would Statute remain as an aloof but benevolent emperor. Now his former subjects would govern themselves as a republic.

Despite the initial shock at the announcement of this transition, the Amaranthine Republic has follow in its predecessor's footsteps quite nicely. The old empire largely been ruled by bureaucrats and judges, as Statute remained hands-off for most of his rule. The Republic continues this tradition, although fierce debates now occur in the Amaranthine Senate. Within the Senate are mundane mortals, descendants of Zadre, Yptych, and Lit, as well as the demigods themselves. While theoretically they all debate on even ground, those with the blood of divinity typically spearhead most efforts and have the most influence.

Militarily, the Amaranthine Republic remains identical to its predecessor as well. The Crystal Legions continue to diligently protect Amaranthine borders and strike out against the Republic's enemies. Troops are equipped with the iconic crystalline weaponry of their homeland, which is impossibly sharp and sturdy. Aside from their standard infantry troops, the Amaranthine Republic enjoys the continued support of the Order of the Adamant, which has been known to join in operations against forces they deem particularly heinous.

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