Blood magic is not native to Creation, but rather it was introduced through the insidious whispers from an ancient god to some of the first mortals to walk its lands. From his prison, Nital's influence slowly but surely seeped into Creation, and along with this came the increasing popularity of blood magic.

Blood magic is a visceral type of magic, using the life and energy found within a being's lifeblood in order to create desired effects. Sacrifices may be costly, but blood magic can be one of the most reliable forms of magic if practiced properly. However, due to its violent and sinister nature, experienced blood mages are few and far between, and those that are especially experienced didn't get that way by performing in public.

The Onoqui are known to be especially adept at blood magic, given the magic's instrumental role in their creation. Despite being bestial and sometimes animalistic, Onoqui still demonstrate a natural aptitude for this magic, channeling the foul energy as if by instinct.

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