The term celestial magic applies to magic and rituals derived from the heavens, namely Tai, Achandasha, and to a lesser extent, the Dream Star. Celestial magic is characterized by convoluted rituals, trances, communication through dreams, and its difficulty to learn without a proper mentor. The achandaki are naturally gifted in this type of magic, given their origins, while those close to the Dream Star may experience revelations or visions that assist in its usage.

The ritualistic aspect of celestial magic has become increasingly important to most mortals, as it gives them something to grab onto and pass on to future generations. Chromarchs are especially adept at coordinating large-scale rituals in order to render powerful and fantastic effects. Smaller scale rituals are also more commonplace, which many simply disregard as superstitions. However, small gestures may tip the scales in favor of the practitioner by the tiniest of margins... which is enough for most mortals to continue.

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