The Choral Quorum is a state located in the far-western reaches of Creation that comprises of many communities of chromarchs (of all types), humans, and even some achandaki. The de facto capital of this state is the Celestial Citadel, which not only serves as a main hub of commerce and protection in times of emergency, but it is also where most decision making takes place. Through a complex network of Chromagems that serve as high-speed and dependable communicators throughout the Quorum's territory, most adult inhabitants of the Quorum have input in the country's decisions, should they choose to voice their opinions.

Aside from this very direct form of democracy, the Choral Quorum is known to be a a safe haven for those fleeing the horrors of Nital in the past, and is a stable base of operations for the Order of the Adamant. This order of paladins helps secure the borders of the Quorum and combat the influences of Nital and Rula.

The Choral Quorum uses its extensive communication network to perform large-scale rituals in order to protect its inhabitants from the hostile elements that surround it. These rituals come from the celestial school of magic, which has become a faucet of daily life in the Choral Quorum; aside from large-scale rituals, smaller daily rituals are performed by many.

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