The Confederacy of Aravae draws its name from a local Slaagi legend. According to members of the confederacy, their ancestors were instructed how to make homes in the trees by a captured Alari woman named Aravae. She showed the Slaagi that they could learn from the Alari and perhaps even coexist with them. Tragically, Aravae succumbed to the diseases of her captors. Regardless of the authenticity of this legend, the Aravae Slaagi take it to heart and demonstrate unusual tolerance for their race. Rival Slaagi warbands and confederacies have accused the Aravae of beign corrupted by civilization, but its these same practices that have helped the Aravae Confederation out-compete these naysayers.

While on uneasy terms with its non-Slaagi neighbors, the Aravae have been known to engage in trade with the Alari for better weapons and tools.

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