Cursing is a form of magic mainly practiced by followers of Fuku, in which the offending party must be punished for some perceived slight or wrongdoing. The more justified a person feels when casting a curse, the more potent and difficult to dispel that curse becomes. Curses are rarely fatal, mostly limited to glaring deformities, horrid streaks of bad luck, or other such inconveniences. However, very experience and/or self-righteous curse-weavers can amplify these effects or introduce extremely deadly curses, causing the victim to live the rest of their short life in fear.

The magic behind Fuku's curses is surprisingly easy to learn and utilize, with the biggest limit being the traditions of curse-weavers and the difficulty convincing a master to divulge their secrets. Early in Creation's history, cursing was extremely commonplace and was a common deterrent against invasions. For a time, this mutually assured torment and misery helped discourage armed conflict and wide-spread violence. However, societies over-saturated with curse-weavers could quickly erupt into chaos at the slightest provocation. In time, the practice has become a carefully guarded secret among shamans and wise-men.

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