The Devouring Mists are both the name for Prince Ydrin's personal realm, as well as the name for a disturbing phenomenon the manifests itself there.

The Mists[edit | edit source]

The Devouring Mists themselves are portions of the Obscuring Mists that have begun to leak into Creation through the ley-network due to constant travel to-and-fro by the Avashai. This has a menacing effect on the land; outsiders have difficulty navigating the incredibly foggy landscape, while the Avashai are well adapted to such environs. However, the weakening of the ley-network has also led to the unintentional release of many unspeakable horrors into Creation from Multor, who in turn have found the Devouring Mists to be quite the ideal stalking grounds.

Ydrin's Lands[edit | edit source]

Prince Ydrin rules these lands as a despot, enforcing his will through military force upon those whose lands he has invaded. The Avashai ruling class comprise of mostly mages and warriors who have spent most of their long lives in Tar Vash'eth. These experienced fighters and mages ruthlessly use their talents to keep the large enslaved population under control. Yrdin's troops have not hesitated to wipe out smaller villages completely in order to terrify surrounding settlements into submission.

While hardly engaging in cordial relationships with any of its neighbors, the Devouring Mists are technically allied to the sunny Kingdom of Arthendal. This relationship is largely based on their shared ties to Tar Vash'eth, and outsiders can hardly believe that the two lands share such a peculiar relationship.

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