Founded shortly after the destruction of Vash'eth, the Empire of Arakis is one of the oldest and wealthiest polities in Creation. Its founder, Venathar al’vash en Arakis, is fittingly one of the oldest and wealthiest beings in Creation. Under the watchful eyes of the ancient dragonlord, Arakis has slowly built up its wealth, its power, and its appetite. For centuries it sat quietly in the southeast corner of Creation, sending caravans to the west and to the north. News trickled in of the rumblings in Vasheroth, of Nital's rampage, and the meteoric rise of the Amaranthine Empire.

Finally, Emperor Venathar deemed the time right to send out more than just merchants to the outside world. Araki armies marched northward, promising those they encountered that immediate surrender would bring protection and prosperity. Those that opposed the armies were subdued easily by the combination of well-equipped armies and mages that Arakis could field. This pattern continued until Araki armies arrived at the Hogwash, where local tribes have offered stiff resistance. Northward advances also brought Arakis into contact with the Slaagi, who view Arakis as a sinful monument to civilization that must be wiped from Creation. For now these factors have combined to stymie further gains in the north, although few believe these setbacks to be permanent for a being as powerful as Emperor Venathar.

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