History[edit | edit source]

Fuku arrived sometime after the first mortals wandered into Creation, speaking of curses and hidden knowledge. Fuku, God of Curses, sought to bring justice to Creation in his own special way. It was Fuku that introduced curse-magic to mortals, which for a time served as a useful deterrent against aggression among mortals. However, this craft also became a source of strife and division in many communities, as petty feuds turned into full-blown wars between shamans and curse-weavers. Fuku's followers largely stayed in the jungles of the world, outsiders unwilling to penetrate the labyrinthine overgrowth just to find themselves entangled in constant power struggles.

Fuku saw the Yinshung as a danger and as harbingers of destruction and oppression, and therefore cursed the Yinshung themselves to be subject to oppression and misfortune. Fuku also created a tome known as the Book of Secrets, containing nearly every secret in all of Creation. This ever expanding and shifting book requires divine intervention in order to properly navigate and peruse, and Fuku took great delight in watching mortals attempt to decipher its contents without his assistance.

Eventually Fuku would distance himself from frontier justice and the crueler aspects of using curses, instead leaving this up to his wife Fusta. Fuku would still retain his adherents in the old forests and jungles of the world, but the God of Curses would gain a significant following in more "civilized" lands as something a little different. Instead of dispensing vigilante justice and vengeance, Fuku became associated with courtrooms, determining guilt, and the wisdom of rulers. Within the Amaranthine Empire, Fuku was seen as a welcome addition to the pantheon of gods worshiped in such an orderly society.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

Seeking to create a more perfect haven for justice, Fuku set out with some of his followers from the Amaranthine Empire towards a suitable location. This exodus was met with uproar, as many claimed that the Amaranthine Empire was a paradise in Creation and already had roots firmly in justice and stability. Still, Fuku continued his journey, departing from the Bay of Lapis with only his most devout followers. Once on land, Fuku attracted all manner of disenfranchised and downtrodden mortals, mainly peasants defecting from giant-dominated kingdoms.

Eventually Fuku deemed a location suitable and erected the Tower of Exiles. The Tower of Exiles serves as a portal to another, smaller world. A world created by Fuku, filled with emerald hills and tranquil rivers. Fuku allowed settlers to reside in these lands, but only after agreeing to support ideals of liberty and democracy within the lands. Most simply shrugged at the strange request and set about starting a new life, far more concerned with their livelihood than such foreign concepts.

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