Origins[edit | edit source]

When Kross first encountered mankind, he found them tenacious, if a bit fragile. Kross took pity on those that clung to the frozen shores of the North Pole and shrank before the presence of the God of Winter. Legend has it that Kross lifted one of these desperate humans into his hand, breathing into the small being the power of Kross. The man grew several times over, and no longer felt the bite of the cold, but rather craved it. Thus, the first giant was created.

Types of Giants[edit | edit source]

While frost giants have been the only giants for most of Creation's history, recent centuries have seen the adaptation of giants to warmer surroundings.

Frost Giants[edit | edit source]

The original, and largest of all giants, frost giants are ten times the size of the average human and possess a love for the cold. Frost giants typically reside in the northern extremes of the world, although it is not unheard of for isolated communities to live quietly on the peaks of snow-capped mountains. When winter arrives, frost giants will sometimes follow the winter winds into southern lands. These ventures can be as benign as trading expeditions or expeditions carried out by adventurers for the sake of exploration, or they can bring warbands and entire armies south, pillaging the "lesser races." When the Krosswinds are especially strong, some areas are held in perpetual winter for years at a time. These cold years typically see increased activity on the part of frost giants.

Southern Giants[edit | edit source]

After the Long Winter, many giants found themselves in positions of power throughout Creation, not just in its northern reaches. These realms ranged from temperate and rainy, to downright scorching and arid. Refusing to budge from the kingdoms they carved out for themselves. Over time, these stubborn rulers shrank in stature, but also lost their dependence on the cold winter winds. They are now the most numerous type of giant in Creation, with their populations soaring in a new age of growth and mild weather.

A common naming for these giants is hard to come by; while biologically similar, many are given labels according to the territory they reside in (hill giant, swamp giant, desert giant). Frost giants typically see them as "younger brothers" to their more ancient race.

Half Giants[edit | edit source]

Any mortal with noticeable giant heritage are referred to as "half-giants", regardless of actual pedigree. Half-giants typically stand at around 7 feet tall and are treated differently depending on the lands they find themselves in. More elitist groups see half-giants as abominations or bastards of their race. Other kingdoms see half-giants as reliable warriors and workers, far superior to the average human but still easy to control.

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