Animals that have been imbued with a small portion of Dancer's essence after slaying many mortals during the Night of the Hunt. This can be any predatory animal; jaguars, wolves, and lions are all typical recipients of Dancer's blessing, but tales of monstrous crocodiles and man-sized spiders haunt the dreams of many mortals. This blessing is made obvious by the alterations made to the animal's physical appearance; features such as the size of teeth, claws, and menacing eyes appear exaggerated. The animals themselves also grow to massive proportions, although this differs from case to case.

It should be noted that Great Beasts are not only physically enhanced, but their wits are sharpened. This makes them even more deadly during the Night of the Hunt, and many a would-be adventurer or hunter has met a grisly fate by underestimating these beasts. Great Beasts can tolerate the presence of mortals if they are approached with reverence and honored as a representative of Dancer, but serving as an emissary of Dancer comes secondary when hunger or the urge to hunt strikes.

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