History[edit | edit source]

Harika came into Creation as Tai burned away vast swaths of the primordial ocean, serving as a guardian of the seas to ensure that such a cataclysmic event would never happen again. Despite her initial animosity towards Tai, Harika took no punitive measures towards the First Sun, and instead focused on her vast realm of salt and foam. Harika created an underwater palace, over which a towering tempest would forever rage. Harika also took some of the first humans and gave them her blessings, turning them into the first typhans.

Harika cast down Kross when the God of Cold trampled through her realm twice, leading to the creation of a mountainous island chain (which had formerly been a strip of land used by Kross). Despite now having a degree of animosity towards Kross and Tai, Harika would later work together with both in the War of the Three in order to destroy Vash'eth and the Eye of Vash. It was Harika that finally destroyed Vash'eth, sinking it beneath the waves, but not before taking one of its dragons. This dragon would come to be known as Arash, the Sea Drake, and would serve as Harika's most loyal and fearsome servant.

Harika is also responsible for the creation of the world's first rivers, sending the guardians Shisu and Shiro to protect them. This led to a new era of interaction between the otherwise isolated typhans with the surface world.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

After battering the coasts of Vasheroth and continuing her work of erasing any trace of Vash'eth from Creation, Harika accidentally unleashed a powerful force into the world. The Icosahedron had been buried in the rubble of Vash'eth, and became dislodged by the strong currents. Xalthar stumbled upon the strange artifact, which granted her control over the dead. Xalthar would begin experimenting with her newfound powers, raising typhan and human alike from their graves. After attempting to handle the situation indirectly through storms and typhoons, Harika personally took to the battlefield against Xalthar, skewering the First Necromancer on the Naginata of Winds.

The battle against Xalthar was not without its costs though, as Harika sustained significant injuries from undead hordes clawing and biting at her. Harika now dwells quietly in her underwater palace, injured but firmly in control of her realm.

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