The Didarium was founded by the Awakener Mandas Lorenzada, the famous Polymath, to serve as a place of worldly learning for herself and her like-minded colleagues and followers. Mandas, alongside with her prolific writings and studies, dedicated much of her later life to education, developing a generation of seers, shapers, transmuters, phenomenologists, numeratists, fusologists and theoreticians to carry on her life's work, to develop a complete understanding of the material and aethereal workings of the world. These like-minded intellectuals found their ideal location at the eastern foothills of the Algo Mountains, beneath the shadows of the area's odd floating structures.

Persisting long after its founder's passing, the Holoptic Didarium has grown from a single cramped tower filled with dusty tomes and notes, to a full-blown campus with surrounding villages that help support its substantial needs. A virtual city-state, the Didarium is not beholden to the laws of neighboring states and governs itself. Local nobles and well-to-do families send their children to the Didarium quite often, giving the institution significant prestige and influence in the region.

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