The origins of mankind are a mystery; legend has it that all at once they emerged from the primordial chaos that surrounds Creation, stumbling hither and yon into a world entirely foreign to them. Alongside these newcomers came Nyubar, Patron, and Vash, considered to be the three great patrons of humanity in those early years. Ever since their arrival, humans have proven themselves to be rather adept at adjusting to their surroundings, making homes for themselves all across Creation.

The average human in Creation is a bit more hardy than one you might find in our own world. Resistant to both the elements, as well as having a natural resistance to magic, mankind is well suited to endure the wars and whims of the gods. Still, the average human in Creation is also more fearful and paranoid than one might find in our world, due no doubt to a combination of hostile influences, as well as experience living in such a hostile world. Humans are also the most numerous of mortals, although the Typhans that dwell beneath the waves are a close second.

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