The Impostor "Church" is actually a sort of counter-religious movement set in motion by Curator; it is the job of the Impostors to challenge the dogmatic worship of gods throughout Creation. In a world where gods directly impact most major world events, this can prove an extremely difficult task. However, the selfish, destructive, or perplexing actions of the gods give the Impostors plenty of ammunition with which to challenge mortals' beliefs, and so the Church gains new followers here and there.

The Impostor Church is scattered throughout Creation, with local chapters dispersing, traveling, or otherwise being forced to flee by the Order of the Adamant. Impostors are extremely adept at eluding capture; a mental fog seems to affect those who attempt to seek them out when they would rather remain hidden. To this day not a single member has been capture by the Order of the Adamant, but the paladins' relentless pursuit have made evangelizing in certain areas virtually impossible.

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