The Kingdom of Arthendal is nestled in the southeast edges of the Algo Mountains, bordering the fellow Avashai realm of the Devouring Mists. While Prince Yrdin's realm is shrouded in shadow and echoes with the wailing of slaves, Prince Elduan Arathendalon manages a realm of illumination and wonderment. Importing bizarre flora from Tar Vash'eth, Prince Elduan has transformed much of Arthendal's land into a strange hybrid land of fantastical plants found nowhere else in Creation.

Prince Elduan has created a center of learning in his capital city of Faelin Daraeth. However, Faelin Daraeth remains almost entirely populated by Avashai, with few outsiders venturing into the the city despite Elduan's beckoning. This lack of outsiders is partially due to the Holoptic Didarium's role as a competitor for learned minds. However, most outsiders cite the Devouring Mists and Elduan's alliance with Ydrin as their reasons for staying away.

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