The Kingdom of Giantfell has humble beginnings, with its founder spending time as a shepard during his early years. His name was Gravis, a young man of immense courage and cunning. Gravis's mountain valley had been invaded by the giant chief Fimwhyre the Tall. Gravis challenged Fimwhyre in single combat, managing to slay the overconfident giant with nothing more than a sling and a knife. Before the melee, Fimwhyre had boasted that he would sit upon Gravis's family, while Gravis replied the reverse would happen if the brave shepard was victorious. Fimwhyre's humiliated tribe honored the boast, agreeing to kneel and serve Gravis's descendants. Thus the Kingdom of Giantsfell was formed around two iconic houses; the cunning House Giantsbane, and the begrudgingly loyal House Throneknelt.

Shortly after Gravis's victory over Fimwhyre, other giant rulers sought to avenge their peer and succeed where he had failed. These attempts failed spectacularly, allowing Gravis to add to his status as a legendary hero and conqueror. Humans flocked to the Kingdom of Giantfell in order to escape the giants that dominated the area, swelling Gravis's ranks. By the time of his death, Gravis Giantsbane had managed to first repel, and then conquer, four different giant clans.

To this day, Giantfell stands uncomfortably isolated from any potential allies within the Mistshroud Valley. All around it lie giant chiefs and petty kings with long memories. The giant to topped such an upstart band of humans would no doubt be hailed as a true hero to his people... Such notions are not unknown to the Kingdom of Giantfell, which keeps a close watch on its borders.

Far from the overpowering influences of any singular god, Giantfell is host to the worship of several different deities. Statute represents tradition and obligations that keep House Throneknelt bound to their ancient promise, while Vash challenges House Giantsbane to constantly innovate and keep their enemies guessing. Rios is venerated for luck, while Nyubar is worshiped as a champion of mankind and a kind deity to turn to in such harsh lands.

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