Onoqu has been a troubled land since time immemorial. It was here that Balaphon performed his greatest and final ritual, creating the Onoqui and forever cursing the land with the practice of blood magic. Crimson rains fall here, smelling of iron and nourishing its odd flora and fauna. It was here that Nital tore the ley-network asunder, welcoming all manner of demons and malevolent spirits with him into Creation. Yet the people of Onoqu have felt a certain fellowship through these bizarre and cruel times, sometimes even thriving under the blessings of the Blood God.

Now, Onoqu has been formally united under one banne

r, a kingdom that shares its name from the bloody region. The Kingdom of Onoqu is governed by a monarch, as well as a ruling class that consists of nobility, high ranking religious figures, and talented or well connected mages. The current monarch, King Sier, has managed to secure the servitude of several dozen demons for the kingdom, and his rulership has seen a decrease in the number of clashes with the vicious Onoqui. It would appear that Sier has secured the prosperity of Onoqu, although many wonder how long he will reign; few can remember a time when he wasn't at the helm of the new kingdom.

Few can complain, as Onoqu needs all of the experienced leadership it can get. With the Choral Quorum to the west and Avashai slavers to the north, King Sier may soon have to call his demon troops to action.

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