The Kingdom of Veloth'an has clung to dear life on the eastern edges of Vasheroth for nearly the entirety of its existence. It experienced a brief moment of prosperity following the destruction of Vash'eth; its fertile lands attracted many refugees and veterans of the war, eager to take up a simple life far away from the war-ravaged land. Its rulers remained aloof from the scheming that plagued the majority of Vasheroth, and when Xalthar's dregs ravaged the northern coasts of the region, Veloth'an remained relatively unaffected.

However, its fortunes changed when Nital ripped his was through Creation, and Veloth'an stood directly in his path. Cities were ravaged, and even dragons were helpless to stop the rampage. Demons, specters, and the living dead plagued Veloth'an and hindered efforts to rebuild, even after Nital had been imprisoned. The nieghboring land of Morovash continued to enact what it believed to be Nital's will, melding the astronomic pride and mastery of arcane powers with the terrible powers afforded by the practice of blood magic. Veloth'an allied itself with Vashadar and Dagoth'eth in a last ditch effort to eradicate their wayward brothers in Morovash. The resulting war nearly destroyed all parties involved, but in the end Veloth'an and its allies managed to survive. Dagoth'eth and Vashadar merged to form the Magocracy of Vasharam.

Veloth'an now competes with its former allies for control over most of Vasheroth. While it and Vasharam have not come to blows yet, both have openly proclaimed themselves as the sole successor to Vash'eth's legacy.

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