Kross arose shortly after the First Night, forming out of a pillar of pure cold. This titanic embodiment of all things cold is responsible for the creation of giants, and is also the namesake of the Krosswinds. Despite having brought death and famine into the world on numerous occasions due to his very nature, Kross maintains a sizable following out of sheer respect and reverence of his power.

History[edit | edit source]

Kross was one of the first deities known to Creation, having arrived shortly after Tai and Harika. Kross witnessed the arrival of mortalkind into Creation, and soon wandering humans found their way into the northern reaches of the world, blasted by bitter winds and surrounded by ice. Kross took pity on these small beings, and infused them with a portion of his strength. This would give rise to the first frost giants; rivaled only by dragons in scale and might. Giants would go on to crave the cold weather surrounding their progenitor, but also retain their base desires and ambitions. Thus, the giants would spread throughout the northern regions of the world, remaining in cool climates while carving out kingdoms and chiefdoms for themselves. Centennial winters of supernatural intensity would occasionally increase the range of the giants, allowing them to inhabit lands further south for a few years, before retreating with the winter winds.

Kross created a long spine of mountains cutting through the center of Creation while on his way to creating the South Pole. While Kross viewed this journey as completely benign, his trek had actually wreaked havoc on the underwater realm of the Typhans, who suddenly found themselves amidst rock and ice. Harika assaulted Kross on his return trip, smashing the mountain chain and flooding the remaining landmasses until only a handful of mountainous island remained.

Kross was one of the belligerent parties in the War of the Three, leading the bulk of allied forces to Vash'eth. Kross was nearly killed in the fighting, not to mention his struggle destroying the Eye of Vash. This conflict led to the Long Winter, during which Kross's power reached incredible heights. However, the forlorn God of the North once again took pity on the mortals of Creation and worked to withdraw his influence.

Recent History[edit | edit source]

With the end of the Long Winter, Kross's presence has not been felt much in Creation. He has withdrawn to his own separate world, filled only with cold. Only time will tell if Kross will emerge from this lonely realm.

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