Powerful winds blow forth from the north and south poles, charged with the essence of Kross and possessing unnaturally low temperatures. These winds, known to the giants as Krosswinds, can be harnessed and mastered by mortals if given enough time and exposure. However, extensive exposure to Krosswinds usually results in death by cold, so very few mortals (aside from frost giants) gain the familiarity and experience necessary to master this type of magic.

As mentioned above, it is common among frost giants, who are able to call up vicious blizzards in a matter of seconds, or blast opponents off their feet with gusts of wind. When Krosswinds become exceptionally brutal every century or so, this type of magic becomes increasingly potent. Users may see their abilities increase many times over during these extended cold periods, although their strength will subside as the climate grows warmer. Thus, mastery of the Krosswinds is rather potent in the extreme north and south of Creation, and almost useless in the central deserts and jungles.

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