The Magocracy of Vasharam is a relatively new polity in Vasheroth, having formed from the smoldering ruins of Dagoth'eth and the limping rump state of Vashadar. The two had become extremely close over the course of their war against Morovash, and the utter ruin of Dagoth'eth by Morovash proved to be the final impetus for the merger. The now scattered and landless forces of Dagoth'eth agreed to form a new union with Vashadar. A similar offer was made to Veloth'an; for the three draconic realms to unite under one banner after striking down their mutual foe. Veloth'an refused, claiming that it would prove itself as the true successor of Vash'eth.

Politically Vasharam follows the model of Vasheroth, with a draconic court and council of magi governing underneath an elected [by the court of dragons] Grand Magister who serves a "short" term of office of 100 years.

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