Overview[edit | edit source]

Within Creation there exist many different beings that utilize their minds for more than just thinking. They use their minds to move objects, destroy obstacles, or reach greater levels of awareness. Some races, like the Chromarchs of Tai and the Penguinfolk of Rios, are naturally gifted telepaths, while others must hone their abilities for even meager results.

Chromarchs[edit | edit source]

Chromarchs are naturally gifted with telekinetic powers that allow them to manipulate small objects around them, which helps compensate for their lack of limbs or digits. Still, these powers are fairly weak, with the average chromarch able to pick up a stone with considerable effort. However, large groups of chromarchs can quickly coordinate and use their abilities to lift objects (or people) that would normally be inconceivable for other mortals.

Penguinfolk[edit | edit source]

Penguinfolk, in addition to their bizarre appearance, possess abilities similar to chromarchs in that they can use their minds to manipulate objects, in lieu of actually hands. Penguinfolk are not as coordinated as chromarchs in their use of telekinesis, but are also not as limited physically.

Other Instances of Mind Magic[edit | edit source]

With the recession of the Long Winter, Kross saw it fit to bless some mortals with psychic abilities; a sort of continuation of the cold that once engulfed the world, except contained within the minds of certain mortals. Those "blessed" in this way are typically distant, have flat affects, and in many cases are anti-social. Prone to isolation, these mortals (usually giants or humans) practice the extent of their abilities in remote corners of the world. Most develop telekinetic powers similar to the aforementioned races, while others who manage to dwell among fellow mortals may develop the ability to read the thoughts and intentions of those around them. When using these abilities, the air around the user is sapped of all heat and because noticeably cold to all in the immediate vicinity.

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