History[edit | edit source]

Nitäl is the God of Blood, an avatar of destruction and woe leftover from a bygone world. Nitäl was imprisoned outside of Creation by unknown forces, but the Blood God eventually managed to whisper to Creation's denizens, corrupting them with promises of power. Thus, while still trapped within his prison, Nitäl began to teach mortals blood magic. In one of the most infamous rituals of all time, the cultist Balaphon managed to infuse himself with foul energies from hundreds of sacrifices, separating his essence into three distinct and powerful forms. Balaphon's followers were also twisted and corrupted, becoming the first Onoqui. These teachings and the horrors that ensued led many gods to condemn Nitäl and his influences. Vash was responsible for the ley-network, which helped keep Nitäl's influence at bay, while Nyubar employed guardian spirits to reinforce the morals of mortals and discourage such dark arts.

While Nitäl's influence on the world had been weakened, his followers had grown numerous and powerful enough to act on their own. Vash'eth became tainted with blood magic, including a dragon who had taken up the sickening craft. Aforementioned dragon grievously wounded Tai in the last moments of the War of the Three.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

Nitäl was secretly freed by Statute, under the condition that Nitäl would have to adhere to several obligations. One of these obligations was to apprehend Vash, triggering a hunt for the God of Fate. Nitäl did not squander this newfound moment of freedom though; Nitäl laid waste to several regions and butchered entire cities during his time in Creation. His very arrival tore a massive rift in the ley-network, causing all manner of horrors to pour forth from Multor. Achandasha also brought her entire Isle into the heavens, fearful for the destruction that Nitäl might visit upon the world.

Nitäl was eventually subdued by Statute and Nyubar, but not before the confusing struggling attracted Vash to the scene, leading to even more confusion and chaos, culminating in Sorna's assault on the minds of the gods. Nitäl now sits imprisoned in the Amaranthinium, completely still.

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