Origins[edit | edit source]

Long ago, the blood sorcerer Balaphon performed a massive blood ritual in order to imbue himself with terrifying amounts of power. The result left the sorcerer's very essence fractured and divided into three separate beings, while Balaphon's followers were tainted forever with a foul energy. These cultists found themselves twisted and made beastlike both in appearance and in mannerisms. Possessing an insatiable bloodlust, these changed men took to the dark places of the world. In time they would become known as the Onoqui.


Overview[edit | edit source]

The Onoqui are the results of the blood ritual mentioned above, possessing an inherent bloodlust, as well as a latent talent for blood magic. It is unknown to mortal scholars how exactly the Onoqui multiply, but it has been noted that their numbers have changed since their original creation.

Onoqui are humanoid, but have bestial features such as overgrown fangs, talons, claws, spines, and other misshapen body parts. From far away, these traits may be covered up by tattered rags or cloaks, but up close their hideous forms are difficult to disguise. Usually it is too late for the viewer, as Onoqui are known to either kill on-sight, or whisk away their victims to isolated retreats, where the victims are eventually used for blood rituals.

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