Also known as "The Adamant" or the "Adamant Order", the Order of the Adamant is an order of paladins that serve as enforcers, champions, investigators, and warriors for the gods Tai, Nyubar, and Statute. The Order received blessings from each of these patron gods. Tai gifted to them dazzling armaments from the Celestial Citadel and allowed the Order to use the Celestial Citadel as a base. Nyubar is said to bless its members by allowing them to have "one foot on the other side of the Gate", standing between the realms of living and dead. According to legend, paladins of the Order will not die until they voluntarily die, either considering their duties fulfilled or their burdens too great. Their deep connection with life and death also allows them to detect beings that defy the natural order; beings like husks or dregs. Finally, Statute blessed members of the Order with the ability to judge impartially and fairly. On top of this blessing, the Order receives the bulk of its members and materials from the Amaranthine Empire, which Statue has considerable influence over.

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