Patron was the God of Ambition, a force that drove mortals past their breaking points an into epic tales of heroism and tragedy. It was Patron that introduced chi to mortals, allowing them to wield that potent energy that dwells within all mortals. Those who survived traumatic experiences and possessed the right potential would become known as Yinshung; Patron's pinnacle of mortal purpose and ambition.

Patron would eventually receive an invitation from Vash. The God of Fate reportedly wished to discuss a matter of great importance with Patron. Instead, Vash attacked Patron. The ensuing duel and clash of energies gave rise to an entire landmass that would come to be known as Vasheroth. In his final moments, Patron nearly tore both Gods asunder, but Vash was able to absorb Patron's energy, albeit suddenly filled with volatile power. Patron's death would go on to paint the other god's view of Vash for centuries.

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