Beginnings[edit | edit source]

When Fuku departed the Amaranthine Empire in an effort to create a favorable society for mortals, many protested, believing the Amaranthine Empire to already by the pinnacle of mortal achievement in Creation. The exact reasoning for Fuku's departure is not quite known, but a small number of followers remained loyal to their god and crossed the Bay of Lapis with Fuku.

Once this group of exiles made landfall, Fuku embarked on a long voyage across the mainland. His followers were relatively safe, as the locals dared not attack a group led by a god. Giants were prominent in this area, and saw many of their servants and slaves flee to join Fuku's group of settlers. Powerless to stop them, local rulers simply grumbled at the passing exiles and did their best to keep the remainder of their people under control.

Eventually Fuku and his people found a location that he deemed worthy, and raised the Tower of Exiles. Within the Tower would be a portal to a small plane of reality, where Fuku would lay the foundations for a new realm.

Recent History[edit | edit source]

The plane created by Fuku was one of expansive grasslands, gentle hills, rivers, and mild weather. Fuku laid strict rules for this land; he required that the inhabitants agree to a form of government known as a "republic". While this word meant little to most of the rag-tag band that accompanied him, mortals nevertheless agreed to this in exchange for settlement rights. Soon others heard of this idyllic, peaceful state and began traveling there. The Impostor Church even reached the Republic of Exiles, although they had difficulty making converts when most inhabitants have their needs taken care of.

In recent years, citizens of the Republic have ventured into the outside world, either to evangelize or to trade with outsiders. In both cases they often bring back mortals that seek to escape the horrors that afflict the outside world.

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