In the plane of Hell, chaos is common. The Shuddering Spire allows mortals to change the laws of physics and reality at will, and nothing is truly dependable. Currency changes in value by the hour, buildings move to better neighborhoods, and nonsensical debates rage in the Shuddering Spire at all times. Yet society perseveres in Hell, and in time the Republic of Hell has managed to organize itself into a semi-coherent entity.

The Republic of Hell was initially propped up largely by members of the Impostor Church, who debated various topics within the Shuddering Spire. In time the general populace, eager to have at least some semblance of order in this "paradise," began to participate.

While the Republic of Hell does not necessarily collect taxes or have a military, there are attempts at passing laws and ensuring a basic level of civility among the population. Under Curator and the Impostor Church's guidance, the Republic of Hell has managed to steer clear of major upheavals outside of the typical daily chaos.

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