History[edit | edit source]

Rios is the God of Random Chance, a being of obscure origins that emerged in Creation not only to cause havoc and chaos, but also hope and good fortune. His arrival into Creation coincided with the appearance of his portals; strange gateways that hurl mortals through time and space seemingly at random. Some claim that Rios dwells within a world connected to these portals; at the center of it all, laughing at those who strain their minds to comprehend its machinations. While over the course of history some of these portals and their triggers have been vaguely mapped out, this is a tiny minority.

Aside from the portals, many strange occurrences in Creation are attributed to Rios. Whether he is actually responsible for each one is up for debate. The creation of the Penguinfolk is almost positively Rios's doing, and many communities scorn the Penguinfolk for their association with misfortune and mischief. Similarly, a race of imps was almost certainly created by Rios, serving as cruel reminders of all mortal mistakes and follies.

In antiquity it was claimed that several bloodlines were blessed by Rios; although these claims quickly became disputed when these same bloodlines began to fall victim to horrendous luck and misfortune. Rios has strange ways of blessing his favored mortals. For instance, it was from Rios that mortals were inspired to create limbs of artifice. This practice has in time become refined, but at its inception involved horrific experiments, needless amputations, and unusually enthusiastic practitioners.

Rios created the Icosahedron, an artifact with the ability to make the owner's deepest desires a reality. However, the artifact is dangerous in that it delves deep into the owner's heart and soul, granting a wish that the user may not even be aware of. After granting such a wish the artifact teleports away to be found by another hapless mortal.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

Rios's direct involvement in recent events has been subject to speculation. The only event directly linked to Rios was a massive eruption beneath Nital and his forces; an explosion so destructive that Nital himself had to take refuge in a massive lake to combat the searing pain. Rios's involvement would have been unknown, if it hadn't been for the large number of imps that arrived on the scene, cackling at the wanton destruction and image of the Blood God himself fleeing in pain.

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