The Shadow Blades are a loosely affiliated group of assassins, hunters, madmen, and killers that have all found themselves lost in the thrill of the hunt whilst under Dancer's influence. The name "Shadow Blades" is not necessarily used in every group or by every individual when describing themselves and their close associates. As a matter of fact, most "members" are oblivious to other pockets of hunters and killers. However, when coming into contact with one another, an unusual bond of trust and comradery forms and it is inevitable that they intimate their love for the hunt to one another. In this way, small groups of Shadow Blades can eventually grow larger and larger, becoming organized.

For now, isolated cells of Shadow Blades are scattered along the frontiers of civilized life in Creation. They have no clear leadership, but they oftentimes take the role of local assassins, adventurers, exterminators, and armed thugs. On the Night of the Hunt they are among the most vicious and terrifying, hunting in packs together like animals.

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