History[edit | edit source]

Statute arrived to Creation perplexed and curious about the world around him. Initially somewhat innocent and confused by the creatures he met, Statute would eventually develop a strong sense of purpose; to bring about balance in Creation. This typically manifested as a dedication to justice, as Statute created the Amaranthinium, a prison designed to hold both mortal and god alike. Around this prison, Statute laid the foundations for the Amaranthine Empire. While technically serving as the Empire's chief god and emperor, Statute took a more hands-off approach, leaving lesser matters of administration to the mortals beneath him.

Statute quickly found himself allied with Tai and Nyubar, especially in opposition to Vash, who was seen as a rogue god in the eyes of Statute's followers. The three allied gods worked together to form the Order of the Adamant, a group of paladins dedicated to the eradication of evil and the imprisonment of criminals in the Amaranthinium. Statute was given Imprisoner and the Silver Chalice, both of which are symbols of the cooperation between the three deities.

Recent History[edit | edit source]

In order to finally imprison Vash, Statute unleashed a force of unspeakable destruction onto Creation; Statute released Nital. In exchange for a few obligations, Nital was set loose upon Creation, although Statute used the obligations to limit the scope of Nital's rampage. Nital would instead be directed towards Vash whenever possible, as Statute aimed to have Nital deliver Vash to the Amaranthinium. Instead, Vash fled from Creation, leaving Nital with no clear objective.

As the Blood God rampaged, Statute's children finally began reaching maturity. Zadre, Yptych, and Lit each began to govern over different aspects of the Amaranthine Empire in their father's stead, serving as both demigods and administrators. Zadre began endlessly drilling Amaranthine troops and preparing for expansion on the mainland, while Yptych began work on improving the Amaranthinium. Lit focused on commerce and trade, as well as ensuring that Yagna's disease-ridden followers did not breach the Empire's borders.

Eventually the issue of Nital could not be ignored, with Nyubar and Statute finally confronting Nital on the battlefield. After a chaotic struggle, Statute used his final obligation to imprison Nital. However, Nyubar soon found himself in the brute's clutches, with Statute unable to free him. As the three grappled, Vash arrived, keen on destroying Nital utterly. The situation quickly deteriorated for all involved when Sorna invaded the minds of Nital, Statute, and Nyubar, causing Vash to flee as nightmares poured forth from their minds and into Creation. The arrival of Achandasha and Zadre to the scene helped save Statute, and now Nital sits within a cell of the Amaranthinium.

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