Tai is the God of the Sun. More accurately, Tai is the Sun, as demonstrated by his title "The First Sun". Arguably one of the first (if not the first) Gods in to arrive in Creation, Tai can always be seen in the sky during the day. Accompanied by the Seven Amber Suns, Tai has granted the mortal world sunshine and warmth for as long as anyone can remember, and is worshiped and/or respected in nearly every corner of Creation.

History[edit | edit source]

It was Tai that first illuminated Creation with his gaze, boiling away swaths of the great primordial oceans. This gave rise to the first landmasses in Creation, but also wrought destruction and wracked Tai's heart with guilt. From that moment onward, Tai restricted his own eyesight for fear of causing such damage in the future.

Tai created the chromarchs, beings of living light and radiance, who have grown to inhabit nearly every corner of Creation. Tai was one of the gods that made war on Vash during the War of the Three, suffering grievous injuries but also incinerating vast swaths of Vash'eth in the carnage. Following the War of the Three, Tai limped through the heavens, his weakened state contributing to the Long Winter. It wasn't until the creation of the Seven Amber Suns that Tai was able to regain his strength and help bring warmth back to Creation.

Tai has favored several mortals throughout history, from his own chromarchs, to the nomadic Brightskin tribes in the sun-scorched deserts of the south, as well as the Celestial Citadel and the Order of the Adamant. For his frequent patronage of mortals and his near-constant presence in mortal life, Tai is one of the most widely worshiped deities in Creation.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

With the recent emergence of Nital, Tai set about evacuating mortals and organizing resistance for those in the Blood God's path. This massive effort saved countless lives that would have otherwise been used to fuel Nital's rampage. The refugees and their saviors went on to create the Choral Quorum, a state administered in a democratic fashion by chormarchs, achandaki, and humans.

Tai also helped oversee the exile of Vash; while the cunning God of Fate eluded his captors, Tai was able to mark Vash with an aura of glaring light. Now Vash shines as bright as a star, making him much easier to detect whilst in Creation.

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