The Takanara tribe is located on the banks of the Hogwash, and has a long, violent history of defending its lands from invaders. The neighboring Munodaimo tribe has warred with the Takanara for generations in order to seize the rich hunting lands of the Takanara. When the Takanara were first appr

oached by emissaries from Arakis demanding submission, they rejected the emissaries with laughs and insults. It was only when the well-equipped ranks of Araki soldiers arrived that Takanara realized what a grave threat this was.

Suffering early defeats at the hands of Arakis, Takanara found itself invaded for a short time by Munodaimo, who saw this moment of weakness as an opportunity to strike. However, the chieftains of Munodaimo quickly realized that the Takanara's new foe was not just a threat to their rivals, but a threat to all of the Hogwash tribes. Now the three major Hogwash tribes have banded together to fight off Arakis, with the Takanara tribe seeing their ancestral lands turn into the most bitterly contested battlegrounds.

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