Meaning "True City of Vash," Tar Vash'eth is a city located in a strange location buried somewhere among the Obscuring Mists. Originally a gigantic structure of unknown origin, Vash warped the wards within the structure and inverted them so as to keep the horrors of Multor and any other unwanted visitors out. After safeguarding against potential pursuit from hostile gods, Vash set about changing this space into one fit for not just a god, but for followers as well. Tar Vash'eth was hewed from the strange geography that presented itself, as well as the structure in which Vash dwelt within. Ever-shifting spires, hovering platforms, and marvelous towers were formed by the Lord of Change.

Next came the task of peopling this new realm. Mortals seeking to flee the chaos of Creation by calling specifically upon Vash would be welcomed to make the journey to Tar Vash'eth. This task was not easy for mortals, and only became more difficult with the introduction of the Obscuring Mists. Those that succeeded in making the journey soon found themselves changed by the experience, as well as by their god. These mortals became the Avashai, more potent magic users and travelers of the Mists. Several dragons also made this journey, eager to directly serve their god. These became the elder dragons; beings of incredible power that could hold their own against the horrors the dwelt outside of Tar Vash'eth and occasionally did so to protect mortals seeking safe passage.

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