History[edit | edit source]

Vash is the God of Fate and Change, one of the gods that accompanied Man as they wandered into Creation. Vash has influenced Creation directly and indirectly throughout history; from directly slaying Patron the god of ambition, to crafting the ley-network from behind the scenes. Vash blesses select mortals with the gift of magic, as well as elevating especially potent mages to dragonhood.

The act of slaying Patron in particular has shaped perspectives of Vash for centuries. For this act of deicide led to the creation of the Eye of Vash, a potent magical nexus which not only attracted magi and dragons who created the city of Vash'eth and the civilization of Vasheroth, but drew on the elemental energies of the gods Kross, Tai and Harika. This draining of their divine power combined with lingering outrage with regards to the murder of Patron led to the War of the Three, wherein the three gods, with the background support of Statute, the Younger God of Balance and Rios the god of random chance, waged war on the Empire of Vasheroth, resulting in its destruction and the destruction of the Eye. However this war led to great costs for all three gods directly involved, and Vash who refrained from appearing to battle his enemies, being effectively left unscathed. Who emerged better off has been a matter of debate ever since.

Following the War of the Three, sought to assist those mortals that had been subjected to the Long Winter. Aside from helping individual communities, Vash sought to harness some of the excess energy diffused throughout the ley-network. This action indeed helped end the Long Winter, while also increasing Vash's strength.

Vash has been known to be a proficient artificer and a collector of other gods' works. Vash stole the blades Nightbringer and Daybreaker, which had been crafted by the smiths of the Celestial Citadel under Tai's guidance. These two swords would later be fused into the Godslayer, a weapon of terrible power and occupied by the two mutilated and tortured souls of the previous two swords. And of course, Vash's Staff remains his most iconic tool and weapon, ever present at Vash's side.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

Vash would later be forced into exile by Nyubar, Statute, and Tai, as well as marked with a bright aura that makes his presence easier to detect. However, Vash continued to elude justice, fleeing from Creation and creating the city of Tar Vash'eth in a different plane altogether. It is from Tar Vash'eth that Vash now operates, along with his followers. In this strange city, Avashai and elder dragons dwell, increasingly adept at navigating between planes and harnessing the arcane energies that swirl around them.

It was Vash that contributed to the terror felt by Nyubar, Nital, and Statute, allowing Sorna to briefly terrorize their minds. Vash managed to escape this fate, but was nearly ensnared by the growing abyss below.

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