History[edit | edit source]

When Patron and Vash clashed with one another, the epic struggle caused the blood of the earth to spill, oceans to churn, and great mounds of land to crash and crumble. From this great conflict came the continent Vasheroth, named by the victorious God of Change. It would be fitting that a continent birthed by immense conflict and violence would continue to be a place of unprecedented warfare.

The first true masters of this land were the mages that Vash elevated to dragonhood. These dragons carved out their own cities from the wilderness. The first of these great cities of Vash'eth, located on nexus of power that drew in magical energies from across Creation. This made it an ideal location for mages who were eager to test and wield the incredible power readily available at their fingertips. However, this same nexus triggered the War of the Three and eventually brought down Vash'eth completely.

Since the fall of Vash'eth, Vasheroth has seen intermittent violence, seeing another spike in bloodshed when Nital ravaged the land during his brief reign of terror. The Onoqui have found the jungles of Vasheroth quite agreeable, and have found allies with less scrupulous mages in the area. The necromancer Xalthar also ravaged the northern coasts of Vasheroth and her foul influences have seeped into the jungles and dark places of the continent.

Despite the arrival of blood magic and necromancy to Vasheroth, it remains a land of natural beauty and wonderment. The remaining dragonlords inspire awe in their subjects, and the wild energies that crackle through the land give rise to fantastic beasts and supernatural phenomenon.

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