Xalthar is a Typhan necromancer that had the secrets of necromancy revealed to her by the Icosahedron. Quickly becoming intoxicated with her newfound powers, Xalthar terrorized coastal communities with her undead hordes. In time she took on apprentices and taught them the basics of her craft so that they may serve as useful underlings in her growing empire. At the apex of her power, Xalthar commanded tens of thousands of undead and prepared a ritual that gave herself a twisted sort of undeath. Xalthar planned to rule the waves and coasts of the south forever.

But gods have a habit of interfering in mortal affairs, and this case was no different. Xalthar soon found herself clashing with Harika, Goddess of the Seas. In a pitched battled, Xalthar managed to greviously wound Harika, but the vengeful goddess managed to disperse Xalthar's forces and hoist the Necromancer on the Naginata of Wind. For her crimes against the living and for terrorizing Harika's realm, Xalthar (still impaled) was placed on a remote isle, where she resides to this day. Legend has it that she is struck with lightening several times a day as punishment as she remains skewered on the Naginata.

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