Yagna's Chosen is a hierarchical group of adherents to Yagna that have managed to crush all opposition near Yagna's Wellspring, establishing themselves as the sole protector and administer of those holy waters. The Chosen have dabbled in blood magic, which has amplified the restorative effects of the Wellspring. In the past, the Wellspring would sustain someone's health and appearance for a mere week or two before the subject rapidly decayed and rotted in their own skin unless exposed to the Wellspring immediately. With the use of blood magic, the restorative effects have been known

to last for up to a year.

Yagna's Chosen have managed to maintain order in the region, despite the violence inherent in their practices. A constant stream of pilgrims and those seeking the Wellspring keep its coffers full. Outside of the occasional raid from Prince Ydrin, Yagna's Chosen live in relative peace.

Some missionaries are sent to the outside world every year to draw mortals closer to Yagna and her blessings. In most cases, these missionaries are driven out or shunned. In some cases, they are viewed with so much hatred and disdain that they are killed. But without fail, some outsiders are enraptured by the promises of eternal youth and healing that the Wellspring has to offer.

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