History[edit | edit source]

Yagna arrived to Creation shortly after the death of Patron, making her one of the younger deities within Creation. Bringing the gift of agriculture with her, Yagna quickly made up for her late arrival by attracting thousands upon thousands of hungry followers to her shrines and temples. Yagna brought fertility and gentle rivers to her followers, and populations exploded in her wake. Yet her crowning achievement was the Font of Yagna; a wellspring of mysterious water that provided not only rejuvenation and miraculous cures to ailments, but also gave those that drank from it a mental and emotional link with one another. This strange sense of unity and common purpose, combined with the Font's healing properties, caused several communities to develop nearby.

Yagna also created the Alari, lithe humanoids with a fierce connection to nature. Not only did the alari seek to defend nature, but they saw it as their birthright. The alari quickly set about contesting the southern jungles of Creation, oftentimes clashing with old adherents to Fuku.

As quickly as she arrived in Creation, Yagna appeared to go into a state of dormancy for a couple centuries, bewildering her followers who had come to expect her constant presence. While the gift of agriculture had at this point diffused throughout most of the Creation, the Long Winter produced conditions that made agriculture nearly useless. Faith in Yagna dwindled as Nyubar and other gods claimed responsibility for ending the Long Winter, gaining adoration from mortalkind.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

In recent years, Yagna has once more become active... but something has changed. She urges her followers to plant strange trees wherever the can. These trees bear delicious fruit, but the consumers will quickly find themselves disease-ridden and in constant pain. The trees themselves grow unnaturally large, choking out all other forms of life and tearing down any structures in the area with their gnarly roots.

Further confusing mortals, Yagna continued to introduce strange elements to Creation. Yagna created the Crown of the Alari, a precious artifact that makes the wearer inspiring and ambitious, but also seems to disappear at the most inopportune times. The Crown quickly served as a source for innumerable wars between the alari.

Worse yet, Yagna created the Slaagi; hairy beings with hunched over bodies and the face of a dog. Extremely hostile to outsiders and naturally predisposed to carrying all manner of horrible diseases, the Slaagi quickly became a nuisance (if not outright threat) to anyone that neighbored them. Slaagi now roam the marshes and wastelands of Creation, occasionally intruding into other lands for food or plunder.

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